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Student Health Insurance: Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it necessary to buy health insurance for international students on F1 or J1 visa?

Yes, all international students need to have adequate health insurance plans before they can be enrolled in any universities and colleges in the United States.

Moreover, those who are familiar with USA health care system, can certainly understand the importance of Medical Insurance in this country.

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Q2. Where international student can purchase the health insurance?   

You can purchase either university sponsored student health plans from your university or can buy plans privately from third party website selling student health insurance plans.

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Q3. Who can buy Student Health Insurance?

You can purchase a student health insurance if you are a foreign student studying in the U.S.A and hold a valid student visa. You need to be a full time student for being eligible to purchase student health plans. You should be enrolled in any United States university or college as a full time student to purchase student health plans either from their university or from other source, provided that the insurance plan fulfills the university set standard.

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Q4: Should I buy university sponsored student health plans or private plans?

You can buy either of them. But many students prefer to buy insurance privately because these insurances are much cheaper than the university sponsored plans. The student health plans from universities are expensive . Therefore, many of them choose to buy independently and cut back the unnecessary cost of buying expensive insurance.

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Q5: Should I include my spouse under my coverage?

You may include your family in the student plan but including your spouse under your plan makes your premium very high.
You might consider purchasing separate temporary insurance plans like visitors coverage plan for your spouse and children as this could be much more cost effective.

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Q9: What is an Insurance Compliance Form or a Waiver Form?

If you decide not to purchase health insurance the university sponsored student health insurance plan then you will be required to fill out a Waiver Form or an Insurance Compliance Form to let you purchase from outside source.

Some schools also require students to submit Insurance Compliance Form or a Waiver Form .

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Q10: How do I know which insurance plan is good for me?

You should choose a plan which fulfills your university requirements and also fits your budget. We have different plans on our website to choose from. You can use our “Compare Plans” option to evaluate the available plans and make your decision based on the cost, coverage, deductible and co-insurance.

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Q11: Can I buy student health insurance from my home country before arriving to the United States?

If you are coming to the United States for study then it will be a wise decision to purchase insurance from U.S. as insurance companies based in here are widely recognized by the health care providers. There are several other advantages of buying a US based insurance plan including:

  • More strict regulations to handle the insurance company. Mostly provide instant coverage, no need to pay from your pocket if covered by the plan.
  •   Better customer support service in case you need to contact the insurance company.
  •   No lengthy and frustrating follow-ups, unlike any other who do not operate from USA.
  •   Many choices and different plans available depending on your need.
  •   Claim could be processed faster since the American insurance company can deal better with American health services/Doctors.
  •   Reliable companies with proven service record.
  •   Online buying and renewal option.
  •   Most of the companies are supported by BBB (Better Business Bureau), who can help you with any dispute.
  •   Peace of mind. (Higher customer satisfaction rate as compare to non American visitor Insurance plans).

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Q12: When will the coverage start after I complete the insurance purchase?

When you enroll for the StudentCoverage, you can choose a start /effective date, that can be as early as next day or any future date.


Q13: Why shouldn't I buy domestic health insurance?

There are many restrictions on purchasing domestic health insurance:

1. There are different requirement for purchasing domestic health insurance in different states; There is actually waiting period of 6 to 2 years to qualify for domestic plans.

2. International students on F1 or J1 visa and their dependents usually cannot buy domestic health insurance as all the domestic health insurance have residency requirement from 6 months to 2 years. Moreover, F1 and J1 visas are considered as temporary visa and most of the domestic health insurance requires permanent residency or US citizenship.

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Q14: How do I know if the plans available here fulfill my university requirement?

Most of our plans available here are based on typical university requirements, but you should check with student advising center of your university for details.
Get the insurance compliance from/document from your college and send it to us either via email Or fax 408-737 2555 and we can advise you the plan accordingly.

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Q15: Do I get any benefit if I am first treated at the Student Health Center?

Yes, many plans waive deductible or extend in-network benefits if you choose to be seen at your Student Health Center when such centers are equipped to treat your condition. Please check your plan benefits for details.

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Q17: Why buy insurance from StudentsCoverage ?

We are one of the largest sellers of Visitor and Traveler Insurance products at most affordable price. We are authorized licensed Insurance broker or agent to sell health insurance in USA and in international market. The health insurance premium on our website comes from the health insurance carriers directly and you can purchase the best plan through most convenient comparison shopping.

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