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You can not find the same plan any where else for a different price

Student Insurance Tips: Smart Buying Tips

  • Before you purchase any health insurance read all documents thoroughly so that you can take a well- informed decision, while choosing a policy.
  • Do not pay too much for coverage you don’t need. If you are only 22 or 23 years you might not need a million dollar policy and pay too much premium for that.
  • If your spouse and kids are accompanying you then consider buying non student plans like visitors insurance for them as this type of insurance gives almost equivalent benefits with much lower premium.
  • When you buy the health insurance make sure it is comparable with the university requirement standard.
  • Try to take advantage of student health center if you need doctor consultation for any non serious health problem as most colleges and universities provide this service very cheap or free. In this way, you can save the deductable or co-pay & some insurance plans even charge low deductable if you are first seen at the student health center.
  • Seek care from a hospital emergency room only if you have true medical emergency because emergency room is the most expensive place to obtain medical care, and many insurance plans will limit or exclude emergency room care unless you have a true medical emergency.
  • Before you leave arrange a check-up with your GP. This will give you the chance to speak to someone with whom you are familiar and feel comfortable.
  • If you have any pre-existing conditions or may require certain medication while studying here in the United States, ensure that all you need will be available. If not, arrange for supplies before you leave.
  • If you wear glasses or contact, do carry an extra pair with yourself.
  • Purchase trip cancellation after you book your flight to avoid any loss due to unexpected cancellation.