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You can not find the same plan any where else for a different price

How does Student Insurance Works?

There are different plans available for students to choose from and you might decide to choose any plan based on your requirement. Before you purchase, always make sure that you read & understand the plan description carefully and it fulfills your requirement. Also, review all the exclusions which tell you about the type of medical expenses that will not be covered. Mostly, pre-existing conditions, previous treatment received in your home country, or some treatments which are considered not medically necessary are not covered by insurance plans for international students. Though, the above mentioned exclusions are typical, you should still read your plan carefully as the list of exclusions is different for each plan.

All plans have maximum coverage limit and also have a deductible, or co-pay. Deductable are the costs that you are required to pay before your insurance plan begins to pay benefits. In some plans, deductable is charged for each separate incident or injury. Whereas, in some other plans, you have to pay co-payment amount each time you see a doctor, go for a lab test or purchase any prescription drug.