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Graduate student health insurance, OPT / CPT Health Insurance

Optional Practical training (OPT):

The graduate or undergraduate students on F-1 visa pursuing study in the United States can take up a practical training job without H1B visa. OPT can be taken by any student who have been pursuing degree for 9 months or more. F-1 students on OPT can work without H1B visa for up to 12 to 29 months period depending on their area of study. If students on OPT intend to continue work beyond the allowed period then they would need H1B approval. Students on M-1 visa can also take up OPT for maximum period of six months. They are allowed for one month training with four months of study.

Note: F-1 students from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) stream can get OPT extension for up to 29 months.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT): If you have been on F-1 visa for a one year period then you may take up a Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Sometimes, CPT is in the program requirement and you need to take up a job in the area of your study to receive academic credit. At StudentsCoverage.com, students on OPT/ CPT may purchase health insurance for themselves & their family members during this 12 to 29 months period at affordable price as they might not get insurance from their employer during this time frame.

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